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Wordsmith Wizard offers experienced writing and editing of any kind of document in many fields of endeavor. Our areas of expertise include information technology, biotechnology, business, finance, history, politics, sports, and humor. We also offer consulting services on how best to write, produce, publish your documents.


img Ed Moser is the author and editor of 10 published books, including several from Random House. Moser's books include the Armchair Reader: World War II, Secure Internet Practices, and The Politically Correct Guide to the Bible. Another book is A Patriot's A to Z of America. Another book is A Promise for Life: A Corporate History of Abbott Labs, 1888-2010. He was editor/writer at the National Academy of Sciences for the books, Finding Common Ground: US Export Controls, and The Government Role in Civilian Technology. He has also served as consultant to writers on creating and publishing their own books. Moser also worked on a book with the Goddard Space Flight Center on the management principles behind NASA's science missions.